Are you looking for a strong service provider for your mold making? Individual solutions manufactured to the highest precision are available from iForm Swiss. We are your reliable partner for design and manufacturing of injection molds.

With the latest CAD, CAM, CNC milling and erosion technology, we manufacture in our own tool shop, regardless of the complexity of the components, suitable tools, fixtures, and special machines up to 3200 x 2300 mm, 60 tons, for the manufacture of your product. You have a central contact person in all project phases. During the realization, employees from toolmaking, design, and production work closely together. Thanks to short distances, processing is particularly flexible, transparent, and economical for you.

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Precision toolings at iForm Swiss

In our in-house tooling shop, with state-of-the-art technologies and machinery, thanks to
years of experience and top trained employees, we enable ourselves to manufacture special
tools with precise and detailed contours. In addition to new molds, we also offer the production of jigs or mold modifications. Let us manufacture your injection mold now: Otherwise, find here all molds which are manufactured.

  • injection molding tollings
  • light alloy die casting toolings
  • cpmpression molding toolings
  • bevel toolings
  • … and many more

The services of iForm Swiss in mold making

We understand our craft and know that tools must be made of a suitable material and have
to be produced in highest quality. Your request is our passion. Our standardized tool
maintenance or tool modification process ensures production quality and shortens response
We also make it possible for you to procure special plastics for your mold construction with thermoplastics and to manufacture your injection mold according to specific requirements. A mold service is also part of our services.

All services at a glance:

  • Machinery with CNC machining centers, eroding, and grinding machines
  • highest flexibility
  • short throughput times
  • 3D tool designs with networked CAM system
  • maintenance and service


What technique is included in mold making?

Mold making

The production of casting molds is subsumed under the generic term mold making. Plastic castings are produced using this technique ¬- from customized high-performance molds for large series to cost-efficient molds for small series.

In what areas is tooling used?

Tooling technology can be used in many ways. Neither in terms of size, weight, or complexity, you are hardly limited in design. Therefore, typical industries in which tooling is used include the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, medical technology, apparatus engineering, and metrology.

More about iForm Swiss

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