We bring ideas into shape

We specialise in customised system solutions for lightweight construction technology. Together with our customers, we develop new products, bring them to maturity and all the way to series production.

Professional development

In our in-house design department, we can quickly turn product ideas into reality with 3D design, simulation and rapid prototyping. As a result, we are particularly flexible at this early stage and can efficiently integrate changing requirements into the process. A holistic view of the individual process steps always remains in focus – from the idea to the final product.

Technical and economic advantages through innovation

Together with external partners, e.g. research institutes and universities, we continuously work on innovation projects in various technical areas, from manufacturing technology to materials research.

Automation and digitalisation increase production efficiency. New manufacturing technologies, e.g. additive manufacturing and new material combinations such as fibre-reinforced thermoplastics, enable new design dimensions.

Continuous improvement of our knowledge and further development of our manufacturing processes ensure that our customers benefit both technically and economically.


We think and act consistently in the interests of our customers. We are also happy to support you in the sourcing of components, their procurement, quality control and in the assembly of components into subassemblies.


Packaging, transport and storage

We consider the supply chain in its entirety, from material procurement to material processing to delivery of the finished product.

Together with our logistical partner in the canton of Basel, we offer logistical overseas solutions via air, sea and rail transfer, as well as just-in-time concepts tailored to customer requirements.

Preferably, reusable packaging is used, which is provided with part-specific inserts for safe transport.