TSG (thermoplastic structual foam molding) technology at iForm Swiss

Thermoplastic Structual Foam Molding (TSG)

Constructive innovations need efficient production concepts. TSG technology is such a process to avoid sink marks, to produce thick-walled moulds and to reduce weight without reducing the wall thickness. Structural foam injection molding can be carried out with both conventional and environmentally friendly granulates. The TSF process offers many design options in terms of wall thickness, size and shape of the components.

Moulded parts with different wall thickness, material accumulation, strong fluting or a large-sized part, offer special advantages to injection moulding, especially because of the different vibration behaviour of the individual thermoplastic foam castings. With structural foam molding technology, we can produce moulded parts up to a weight of 40 kg. We also produce complex geometries according to your wishes.

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What is thermoplastic structural foam molding?

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In the process, the thermoplastic is foamed in the cavity by feeding a blowing agent to the melt in the injection moulding machine. Depending on the type of granulate, the blowing agent can be added or pumped into the melt in the cylinder in a liquid state under high pressure.

The plastic plastic mixture is then injected into the injection mould. Here, an expansion process begins, and the plastic expands to fit precisely into every corner of the mould, creating a light foam structure in the core of the moulded parts. The surface, on the other hand, becomes smooth and dense.

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What are the advantages of iForm Swiss TSG technology?

Advantages of TSG parts at a glance:

  • Weight reduction due to foam structure
  • Possibility to process all common materials
  • Stability & geometric accuracy of the components
  • Large component dimensions possible
  • Less susceptibility to warpage
  • Fewer or no sink marks
  • Sound and vibration damping effect
  • Paintability for special surfaces

Advantages of the TSG process

  • lower clamping force required
  • consistent quality even with small quantities
  • High functional integration and design freedom
  • reduced melt viscosity
  • lower melt and mould temperature

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