Injection moulding

Injection moulding

The processing of standard and high-performance plastics by injection moulding has been one of our core competences for years and is carried out with high precision. We ensure maximum repeatability and fitting accuracy and pay attention to perfect dimensional accuracy and colour fidelity of your injection moulded article:

Compact injection moulding
TSG injection moulding
Insert and outsert technology
GRP back injection
Shot weight from 0.1 to 40000 g
Processing of standard and
high-performance plastics


Moulded part without warpage and sink marks

Constructive innovations need efficient production concepts. New products can be developed if the possibilities of the manufacturing process are given. Moulded parts with different wall thicknesses, material accumulation, strong corrugation or a large-format part do not pose any problems for injection moulding, especially due to the different shrinkage behaviour of the individual construction details.
With TSG technology, we produce parts with thicker walls, inherent stability and torsion-free with moulded parts weighing up to 40 kg and complex geometries. Subsequent deburring or copy milling is not necessary.

Main advantages at a glance:

  • Extensive design freedom from the component with a wide range of wall thicknesses and all dimensions
  • Stable, precise components
  • No sink marks due to material accumulation
  • Paintable, so first-class surfaces can be achieved
  • Weight reduction

Hybrid technology

Taking into account innovative ideas in materials and processes, we create metal-plastic hybrid composites and hybrid fibre composite components.

The main advantages of hybrid composites are cost and weight savings for the individual components:

  • Different processes for post-processing are eliminated
  • Different components can be used in a single operation